• Manufacturing machinery design, custom automation and development     • Precision product design, engineering and prototyping

Intelligent design and engineering solutions for automation machinery, robotic integration and product development


Robotic work cells, design, manufacture of custom tool heads and programming.

Custom Automation & Robotic Work Cells Design and Build

Leveraging 30 years of manufacturing process machine design and build, from high speed electronics manufacturing, injection mold tooling, automobile interior trim molding and more.  Our concept is to "hit the floor running” — increasing product quality, reducing product variation and reducing direct labor content. Frisella Design provides a high return on investment through intelligent engineering of custom automation equipment.


Robotic machinery engineering, design, development and programming

Design and Manufacturing Consulting

With extensive experience on the ground in high volume manufacturing sites, we can consult with your teams to establish new operations or improve existing operations. Our scope encompasses new tooling, how to set up work flow, computer simulations of work flow through your new production line, and help in the selection of equipment, materials, services and people.


Railpod product engineering and development by Frisella Design of Clearwater, Florida.

Product Development, Design and Prototyping

Our designers will advance your idea from its earliest concept phases, shape it and synthesize it into an attractive, functional, manufacturable, viable product offering. Before 3D modeling, in concert with material selection,  sketching and rendering are done to define the overall form. Components are arranged for functionality, least part count and ease of assembly. Cost targets are established early and maintained.


AUTOMATION DESIGN:  The video above shows a robotic controller designed and manufactured by Frisella Design to add various odd-shaped components to circuit boards. The flash of light visible in the video is where the machine takes a photograph of the part connectors, so that it can place the component in an exact spot in the circuit board with a high level of precision.

Innovative product design and the precision high speed automation and tooling to manufacture it, all under one roof!

Frisella Design's unique advantage is our extensive experience with both product engineering & design, as well as high speed automation, robotics and machinery design. Products are designed with a full knowledge of the current and ever-improving capabilities of manufacturing processes.  Alternately, machinery is designed with a clear understanding of product design materials, required part tolerances, acceptable tolerance ranges, production volumes and the required investment costs. We're looking forward to the projects you have to challenge our skills.

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"An exceptional level of manufacturing knowhow..."

“When my company required Engineering support, I contacted Frisella Design to redesign a critical component for our sporting goods product. I am extremely pleased with the results. During the interactive design process Frisella Design demonstrated a high degree of creative design and an exceptional level of manufacturing know-how. In addition to product design we have used Frisella Design to upgrade and automate a challenging manufacturing process. Using a custom designed servo based system our both our process times and quality have improved. The improvements to the production line have been a windfall for the production department.”

Edward McCaffrey
Engineering Manager, Barnett Outdoors


"Understanding of plastic tolerances, cooling times and post injection shrinkage..."

“In 2012, my company DNR Marketing Group, contracted with Frisella Design to design a plastic food container 'Disposaware'.  As simple as this sounds, it is actually a very difficult product because its a thin walled mold injected product that requires the understanding of plastic tolerances, cooling times and post injection shrinkage. Not only did our finished product turn out better than anticipated, Phil worked with us throughout the entire process, step-by-step, answering technical questions clearly and concisely, even making himself available for late night conference calls while I was in China to discuss tooling issues. Frisella Design helped our company analyze, troubleshoot and alter our product with the utmost patience and professionalism. If you are looking to have a design made by Frisella Design, you cannot go wrong!"

Dean J. Berger
President, DNR Marketing Group, LLC


• 3D Solid Design in SolidWorks™

• Precision Mechanisms

• Precision Linear & Rotary Motion

• Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Electro-Optical Devices

• Custom Automation Machinery

• Robotics Integration

• High Density Electronics Packaging

• Medical Devices

• Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

• Plastic Injection Molded Parts

• Rotomolded Part Design

• Rapid Prototyping

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