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Frisella Design:  Over 30 years of intelligent design and experienced engineering

Frisella Design (formerly known as IYRIS, LLC) was founded in 2002 to provide design and fabrication services for industrial automation clients in the New England area.  The principals bring over 40 years of combined product, machine design and manufacturing experience to Frisella Design clients.


Phil Frisella, our President and CEO, has over 30 years of product and machine design experience. Starting out at Stone & Webster Engineering in Boston as an instrumentation designer, he moved on to the aerospace industry where he worked under veteran avionics mechanical engineers and was introduced to the precision and absolute attention to design detail required in that industry.


Prior to founding Frisella Design, Phil was a team member at Fosella Associates of Boston, one of the top Industrial design firms in the country.


The strength of our small group, is the broad spectrum of experience in numerous industries and the ability to apply concepts and ideas created in one industry to challenges in another. We  have sucessfully completed projects in the following industries: automotive, electronics, semiconductor, thermal processing, medical equipment, food processing, commercial janitorial and robotics.


Our approach to delivering on every technical project consists of 3 basic concepts:

1. Taking on only those projects that are a good match for our technical background

Our strengths are commercial & industrial product design and automation machinery design & engineering, involving electronics, precision motion control, mechanisms, plastic and sheet-metal enclosures. Plastic process expertise includes injection, thermo-forming and rotational molding.


The 3D CAD world has had a tendency to spawn a growing number of what we call  "CAD jockeys," who have lots of experience with CAD systems but little real world design experience.  Our design expertise started on the drafting board, where we learned the art of design — 3D CAD is an incredible tool that enhances the visual communication of the idea to both the designer and end user, but a CAD does not replace mechanical design knowledge.

design and engineering of manufacturing machinery
design and engineering of manufacturing machinery

2. Standard Project Administration

We believe that the accomplishment of a technical result is as much administrative as it is technical.  Without standard, well documented policy that is understood, accepted and applied throughout the group, the efforts of the best engineers and technicians are greatly jeopardized.  In fact technical staff are actually at some risk in terms of their professional reputation, in companies or projects that are poorly administered.

With this in mind we have adopted a  structured approach to all engineering and administrative activities.


Standard Project Outline


We use a standard, three design review format:


1.  Initial Design Review

2.  Detail Design Review

3.  Final Design Review


At the start of each project, deliverables are defined for each of the design reviews listed above.


Initial design, also sometimes called "conceptual design review" usually requires presenting three or more different conceptual approaches to the problem, one of which is finally chosen before signing off the "Initial design review".


Reviewing a complete documentation package of fabrication drawings, assembly drawings and then getting sign-offs from engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and finance make up the final two design reviews.


Rapid prototype models, where applicable, are suggested during the initial design review.


"First part", manufactured in actual production environment should always be done and approved prior to final design review sign-off.



design and engineering of manufacturing machinery
design and engineering of manufacturing machinery

"Integrity" comes from the Latin word "integrare" meaning "whole". This principal shapes our business decisions and our relationships with our clients, vendors, other associations and to ourselves.  We expect our staff to treat agreements concerning technical scope, schedule and finance with utmost integrity and we know that when this is done, both sides win!




3. Professional Integrity

• 3D Solid Design in SolidWorks™

• Precision Mechanisms

• Precision Linear & Rotary Motion

• Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Electro-Optical Devices

• Custom Automation Machinery

• Robotics Integration

• High Density Electronics Packaging

• Medical Devices

• Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

• Plastic Injection Molded Parts

• Rotomolded Part Design

• Rapid Prototyping

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