Our clients include a very broad range of industries

AmKing Technologies

Designed an award-winning floor cleaning system that would effectively replace the mop and bucket. The goal: eliminate the germ-spreading, open rinse bucket and string mop and replace with a closed system,  premixed wash water and laundered flat mops. The "MoPKing” product won a design award at a Chicago trade show. We later designed a smaller molded plastic version.


Barnett Outdoors

BTU International

Chemical Injection Technologies

One of CIT’s most popular chemical cleaning injection systems needed a major “face-lift”. We completed an enclosure design , conducted two design reviews with the client and were  off to production in four weeks,  start to finish.




GE Aviation

After being asked to look at their turbine blade manufacturing operation in Hooksett, New Hampshire, we  developed a robotic approach to greatly increase the throughput on  their turbine blade roll forming operation. Also in the BLISK (bladed disk) manufacturing area we developed a robotic process that would reduce the hand deburring time of the BLISK by 25%.



Now known as IET Labs, GenRad was a broad-line manufacturer of electronic test equipment. Started in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1915 by Melville Eastham, the company moved to West Concord in the 1950s. There, it became a major player in the automatic test equipment (ATE) business, manufacturing a line of testers for assembled printed circuit boards. It also produced extensive lines of electrical component measuring equipment, sound and vibration measurement and RLC standards.


Hewlett Packard Ink-Jet Division


Perfect Pitch and Throw

A Florida baseball pitchers training group developed a training device that would replace the "towel drill" that has been used by pitchers for many years. The towel drill is done by the pitcher going through his motion with a towel rather than a baseball. This drill however has been linked to arm injuries so this group developed the same idea but with an actual baseball. They came to us for a design that could be easily manufactured which we did. They have now molded the first production run of the product.

Key Safety Automotive Group

The Key Group is a major manufacturer of automotive safety inflatable restraints (air bags). We designed a test station that would secure and test the detonation circuit in air bag inflators along with the necessary heavily interlocked safety chamber.


KRL Components

KRL, a manufacturer of precision, wire wound resistors required a precision winder that was more user friendly and one that incorporated the latest in servo and stepper electronics versus the older cam-based, mechanical components. The completed product, using  precision micro-stepping motors, and complete with HMI (Human-Machine Interface or operator display) enabled the operators to simple enter wire parameters, resistor mechanical size and desired resistance in ohms  and the winder would do the rest.


MIT Lincoln Laboratory

MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center that applies advanced technology to problems of national security. Research and development activities focus on long-term technology development as well as rapid system prototyping and demonstration.


PDS Commodities



A firearm company located in New England   experiencing frequent occurance of repetitive motion injuries in their manufacturing of their pistols where workers were required to “rack” the slide on the pistol ten times after assembly of the pistol to ensure the mechanism functioned properly. We designed a system that would automatically secure and rack the slide of the pistol, eliminating the operator from having to perform this stressful and repetitive task.


Textron Automotive Interior Group

Here we acted as project manager and consultant for a Textron unit that developed a RIM molding process and machinery used to mold automotive dashboards and interior door trim. Textron licensed their technology to molders in the Detroit area and in Europe and Frisella managed the procurement, manufacture and shipment of this equipment.  We were also involved in a two part urethane robotic spray cell that required technical troubleshooting in the precision pumping and mixing head area.


Tulee Loopa


Wallingfords Inc.

Wallingfords is a leading US supplier of logging supplies and tire chains for the logging industry. Choker cables used in the logging industry required a manual operation of twisting a heavy steel cable while a large steel button is crimped onto the cable end. This operation was done by hand and was causing wrist injuries. We were contacted to engineer a machine that would eliminate hand operation. We designed a simple stepper motor based machine that was synced to a large knuckle press which eliminated the operator having to twist the cables by hand. We also designed and installed a  machine feeder to automate one of their chain-making processes.

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