Folding deck pole clamp

New product design reduces tripping hazard and requires less work for installation

“Flats” fishing on deck or flats boats is a popular sport in Florida, so when a local marine hardware firm came to us with the request to engineer a functional, yet elegant deck clamp for a flats boat push pole, we jumped to it and developed a folding design that folds nearly flush to the deck and does not require a deck cut-out. The polished stainless steel design is robust and attractive. For those not familiar with a flats boat, the deck is entirely flat as shown in the images above, making it a perfect platform on which to stand and fish in some of Florida's shallow waters. The pole is used to move the boat from area to area without unduly disturbing the fish as turning on the boat's engine would do. Two of these folding clamps secure the pole in place on the deck, where it is available yet securely fastened when not needed.


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