Engine assembly fixture

Simplifying multiple engine assembly procedures with one fixture/pallet speeds manufacturing

The impetus on the manufacturing floor is always to keep costs down. In almost any large manufacturing operation there are usually huge amounts of wasted energy and time that can be eliminated with no loss in quality or throughput.


We helped this manufacturer with two such areas: reducing direct labor and reducing tooling costs. The manufacturer had several different engine assembly pallets used to assemble different parts of a diesel engine. Each of these pallets required its own part number, storage location and assembly operation. By adapting one pallet so that one common pallet could be used throughout the assembly this client realized a significant tooling cost/labor reduction.


The constant drive of the manufacturing engineer is to maintain repeatable processes, tighten tolerance zones, increase throughput and reduce manufacturing costs wherever possible. This is instinctive to us at Frisella Design due to the breadth and scope of our manufacturing experience.


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