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Development, Design, Tooling, Prototyping, Custom Automation, Robotics Integration and Programming

The Frisella Design team is composed of experts in product and machine design using the latest 3D CAD tools with over 20 years of experience. We work with a broad range of clients, from internationally known corporations all the way to individual inventors who need demonstration prototypes to secure funding capital. We develop intelligent, professional designs and practical engineering solutions for the problems faced by businesses of all types.


Payment Terms are flexible. We can work at reasonable hourly rates or quote you a fixed price for each project. Our documentation packages are fully checked. Bills of material can be formatted for your MRP system at your request. Documentation is to ASME y14.5 standards. Rapid prototype models are available on request.

Custom Automation and Robotic Work Cell Design and Build:

High-Speed Rotating Machinery

We can design metal-forming machinery, wire winders, air movers and web-handling equipment. Extensive experience with high speed spindle design and bearing design.


Electronics Manufacturing Capital Equipment

Extensive experience with semiconductors, development and design of AMHS, plasma etch and deposition, wafer material handling, printed circuit board manufacturing equipment, clean room equipment, reflow ovens, pick & place and board test equipment. We have designed winders for precision wire-wound resistors, hi-speed tape and reel systems, and for printed circuit board manufacturing high-speed epoxy dispensing  systems.

Robotics Integration

We have integrated many of the most well-known robot brands in the following applications: assembly,  semiconductor wafer handling, welding, sorting,  packaging, epoxy dispensing and spraying.


Precision Motion Control Systems

We bring years of experience with servos and stepper motor precision motion within robotic work-cells or on highly custom  machinery. Recent advancements in servo systems have increased their functionality and reduced their cost of ownership.

Product Development & Design:

Conceptual Design

Our designers take the idea from the “napkin” stage , shape it and synthesize it into an attractive, functional, manufactureable and viable product offering. Before 3D modeling, and along with material selection, sketching and rendering are done to define overall form. Components are arranged for functionality, least part count and ease of assembly. Cost targets are established early and maintained.


3D Modeling

Expert SolidWorks™ 3D modeling with over 15,000 accumulated hours on the program. We can model complex components, small assemblies and several hundred part machine assemblies. 3D modeling with Solidworks ensures form, fit and function on every part and assembly.


FEA/CFD Analysis

Using the latest simulation software, we will analyze your design with finite element analysis where each part is subdivided into "finite elements" also known as "meshing" then subjected to real world loading conditions. High stress areas of the part or assembly can be analyzed by the designers and addressed to ensure ideal material selection and fail safe part design.

Rapid Prototyping

RP, rapid prototyping, 3D printing and additive manufacturing are all names for the same process of building parts from the bottom up. However under the "3D printing" umbrella there are different processes each with its own “space”. Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) are the primary technologies and FrisellaDesign designers can help you select the best process for your requirement. Once the 3D CAD model is complete we can put a prototype in your hands in a few days!


Full Documentation

Engineering documentation means one thing — details! Its all about detail and delivering a complete communication — fully defining every aspect of a product or system. On manufacturing our drafting standard default is ANSI, tolerance standard is ASME Y14.5 for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerances (GD&T). Complete documentation can consist of 3D models, detail drawings, assembly drawings with Bills of Materials on or off the assembly. We can structure our parts to fit your PDM or MRP system with max character part descriptions, source codes, etc., if needed. Our documentation can also include exploded view drawings and photo-realistic renderings, operators manuals, assembly instructions with 3D views, maintenance manuals and schematics.


Design & Manufacturing Consulting

Manufacturing Process Consulting

Mastery of manufacturing attained by years of experience on production floors learning and observing the strengths and limits of processes manufacturing in high volume. We have consulted on manufacturing process for a wide array of industries from aircraft turbine blade manufacturing to food processors to outdoor sporting goods and plastics manufacturing for the automotive industry. Our consulting has saved US manufacturers thousands in manufacturing costs. Recently one of our long term clients, an outdoor sporting-goods manufacturer, asked for help in hiring and retaining an engineering staff. We interviewed 12 candidates hired an engineering manager and lead engineer made recommendations on how to keep them. Three years later this team is still there expanding their numbers and a year ago this client became #1 by volume in its industry.

Project Management Consulting

We also provide project management services if an ongoing project is off track or additional project management resources are required. We have experience with project management on large tooling installations in the automotive and semiconductor  fields.


Product Introduction

As part of a complete new product development effort or just  assistance with new product introduction, we can connect your new idea to marketing and manufacturing experts that have a proven ability to get your idea into the hands of consumers in volume!

• 3D Solid Design in SolidWorks™

• Precision Mechanisms

• Precision Linear & Rotary Motion

• Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Electro-Optical Devices

• Custom Automation Machinery

• Robotics Integration

• High Density Electronics Packaging

• Medical Devices

• Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

• Plastic Injection Molded Parts

• Rotomolded Part Design

• Rapid Prototyping

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