New Client Information:  The Design & Engineering Process

Here's how we'll work with you to produce your automation machinery or products:

1 Initial Client Meeting and Consultation

Give us a call at 727-446-3638 to set up a no-obligation meeting. We can meet with you in person in our Clearwater, Florida office, or by phone or Skype (contact information is at the bottom right of every page of our site). In our initial meeting we'll go over your specific project, ask questions and get to know you and the general scope of what you have in mind. We'll make sure to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your copyrights, patents, proprietary ideas and technology.


2 Research and Planning

Our team of engineers will do their homework and research in order to formulate a proposal. We'll create a conceptual design, research for costs of available parts (as applicable), do models for custom parts for manufacturing quotes, and estimate the engineering hours involved.


3 Proposal Presentation and Project Kickoff


4 Project Performance with Design Reviews as Project Milestones

Following our Project management policy, engineering and design is done in phases, with client Input during each of the Design Reviews. Regardless of the scope of the project, we work to use the same design review system on all projects ensuring that the sub-products are complete before the design review.


5 Final Testing and Sign-Off

Prototypes have been completed that are fully functional to the client's  specifications. Tooling and custom automation has been completed or commissioned by a system run-off. Documentation has been updated. Products and systems have been delivered to the clients.

• 3D Solid Design in SolidWorks™

• Precision Mechanisms

• Precision Linear & Rotary Motion

• Electro-Mechanical Systems

• Electro-Optical Devices

• Custom Automation Machinery

• Robotics Integration

• High Density Electronics Packaging

• Medical Devices

• Electronics Manufacturing Equipment

• Plastic Injection Molded Parts

• Rotomolded Part Design

• Rapid Prototyping

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